Nowadays, most of the people are looking for a smart solution to save their money by cutting unnecessary expenses. For the frugal, the phone plan from Sprint may offer some money-saving advantage. Sprint and Walmart have announced the upcoming availability of Common Cents Mobile, the newest Sprint’s prepaid brand with low call rate of 7¢ (7 cent) per minute and 7-cent text messages. The most notable exclusive feature of Sprint’s Common Cents Mobile is the Round Down minutes, offering pay-by-the-minute prepaid plan as customers just pay for what they use – or less due to its amazing capability to “Round Down” up to 119 seconds of talk time to just 1 minute, which probably make it a really cool great-saving prepaid plan.

For example, most mobile carriers will charge you the cost of 2 minute usage while you’re just talking for 1 minute and 46 seconds (round up to 2 minute although the total seconds talked was only 106 seconds). But you just need to pay for 1 minute with Common Cents Mobile that will round down your call duration of 106 seconds to 1 minute. It works for any duration of talk time, but of course, the longer you talk, the potential saving is smaller relative to the cost of the talk time.

“Consumers seeking no-frills, pay-by-the-minute plans have been somewhat overlooked with the popularity of unlimited plans in the market. These customers want to stay connected — to a point — but don’t want to waste time or money on services they don’t use,” commented Dan Schulman, president for Sprint’s prepaid group. “The addition of Common Cents combines easy-to-use handsets with a simple pay-by-the-minute service that can save them money.”

The new impressive Common Cents Mobile’s mobile phones and refill cards is slated to hit select Walmart stores starting May 15, 2010.

Price lists of mobile phones and refill cards for Common Cents Mobile:

  • LG101 – $19.77
  • Samsung M340 – $39.77
  • Kyocera S2300 – $69.77
  • $20 refill card offers 30 days of service subscription, supporting up to 565 minutes of talk time
  • $30 refill card offers 60 days of service subscription, supporting up to 848 minutes of talk time

In addition, interested consumers also can get unlimited messaging for $20 a month and data access for $1 per megabyte daily.