SQL Azure Database is a cloud based relational database service from Microsoft. In order to provide detailed information for those who plan to get started with SQL Azure, Microsoft is now releasing “Getting Started with SQL Azure” guideline in DOCX format. This guideline provides details information on how to sign up for SQL Azure and how to get started creating SQL Azure servers and databases.

Contents in  “Getting Started with SQL Azure” guideline includes:

  • Overview of the SQL Azure.
  • Steps to purchase a Windows Azure Platform subscription.
  • Windows Azure Platform pricing table.
  • How to create server at SQL Azure Developer Portal.
  • How to create SQL Azure Database.
  • How to enable access to SQL Azure Server by using the sqlcmd utility or SQL Server 2008 R2 Management Studio.

The “Getting Started with SQL Azure” is available as a free download without stepping through any registration, from Microsoft in DOCX format: