One of the most influential providers of digital entertainment content in the world, Square Enix has launched its first full-scale role-playing game (RPG) for iPod, named as SONG SUMMONER : The Unsung Heroes, which available for download via iTunes Store at $4.99.

Features Of SONG SUMMONER: The Unsung Heroes

  • Transform your iPod songs into “Tune Troopers” to combat the evil Mechanical Militia
  • Tune Trooper types and abilities are determined by the songs used to create them
  • Your Tune Troopers can be powered up even outside of the game–just by listening to the songs you used to create them!
  • Control Ziggy, a “Conductor” that creates warriors out of music, and guide him through his journey to save his brother Zero from the Mechanical Militia
  • Experience a turn-based tactics battle system, divided into player and enemy phases where each side takes turns maneuvering their forces
  • Deploy the right troopers at the right time, and use contraptions found on the map effectively to achieve victory in battle!
  • iPod Click Wheelallows players to play the game as easily as selecting music

Watch a demo video of SONG SUMMONER: The Unsung Heroes role-playing game below.