There have many e-book reader applications available for iPhone in App Store but most of them require readers to use specific application libraries and stores to get new eBooks. Recently, there has stand-alone ebook application which called as Knife Music available in App Store. 


Knife Music is an eBook in the sense that the entire book is available in digital format for reading on iPhone. The Knife Music e-Book incorporates its own eBook reader, which is stand alone application which does not require third party eBook reader. The user can simply download the Knife Music ebook and install it into their iPhone or iPhone 3G homescreen. Tapping the application icon to opens up Knife Music directly from the home screen which contained its own eBook reader.

The standalone approach of Knife Music ebook provides users an easy and quick way to find e-books amongst thousands of books.

Knife Music ebook application is available at and can be downloaded with iTunes for free.