Stealth Computer has just unveiled a new rugged computer targeted for harsh environment. The new PC, with the name of LPC-625F is specifically designed in ultra small form factor suitable for various applications where space and reliability are in concern.


The PC is powered by Intel’s PenrynDuo processor running at 2.26GHz (upgradeable to 2.53GHz) with the support of GM45 Northbridge and ICH9M Southbridge. Further packed into the low profile rugged aluminum chassis will ensure the best system performance exceeding consumers’ requirements suitable for industrial environment. Additional feature sets are 3D graphics with Dual display capability, built-in USB Host 2.0 controller, RS232 serial interface, Gigabit Ethernet port, HDMI as well as optional wireless support.

Since it is low power, there is no need to have active fans that generate unnecessarily noise for embedded applications. Some of the usage models include Digital Signage, Embedded Controller, Interactive Clients and many other industrial applications.

However, its extremely high selling price may set home users back but corporate users will definitely appreciate its great design and high performance per watt ratio. Retailed at $1595, the rugged PC is already available in commercial market now.