Sticky Notes is useful to remind everyone on important tasks that require action and attention. While paper based Sticky notes may be good enough for basic use, now there is a better option of getting electronics sticky notes that is more customizable and easy to use. Named as Stickies, it is a good replacement for conventional paper based sticky notes absolutely free of charge.

Stickies is very user friendly and has multiple great features. First, it is very customizable as users have the choice to select font color and size, background color, transparency and etc. Also, it is very easy and convenience to be used. Instead of using mouse to scroll around, user can configure various shortcut keys to perform different functions. Ex: Ctrl-Shift-N to start a new note or etc. Worth to mention here, Stickies support multi-computers synchronization that allows users to view the original notes in multiple computers.

Stickies is open source and is licensed under Apache 2.0. It is developed with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005 in C#. As a pre-requisite to install Stickies, users must have both Microsoft Windows Installer and Microsoft .NET 2.0 installed in computer system. As part of green environment initiative, just go to install Stickies since it only consume 0.43MB of your hard disk space for more effective daily work.