Many users have plenty and tons of music and songs saved in local PC, Mac or Linux computer, sometime up to thousands or tens of thousands of tracks available. Not all music pieces will be synced and transferred to mobile iPhone or iPod Touch though, partly due to space constraint (memory card storage is limited), and probably because user may not like the song initially, but suddenly thought of want to listen to it, or require the music now. And, user won’t bring home PC contents to office or other remote system too.

Simplify Media is a service that allows user to stream music from desktop or notebook computer to iPhone, iPod or any other computer using a Simplify Media application, as long as the mobile portable multimedia device is connected to WiFi wireless access point. By doing so, user can take advantage of virtually unlimited disk space to save and store MP3s, AACs, songs and music tracks which served by Simplify Media server running on home PC.

Features of Simplify Media:

  1. Free – No hidden charges. No spyware.
  2. Easy – Set-up is fast. No need to upload files to a website.
  3. Integrated – Play music using iTunes, Winamp or Rhythmbox.
  4. Safe – Only your group can access what you are sharing, and no one can see your other files.
  5. Legal – Files are streamed only within your private group.
  6. Universal – Connect across PC, Mac and Linux desktops and the iPhone and iPod Touch.

To stream music to iPhone, iPod or any computer with Simplify Media is simple. Just download the corresponding Simplify Media setup installer for the version of Windows, Mac, Linux PC or iPhone and iPod Touch for each computer and media player user hopes to share the songs, and then create a free account at during the setup wizard. Then, select the music folders to stream to your remote system via Wi-Fi. When outing, just use the Simplify Media app on iPhone or iPod Touch (or remote PC if you’re using laptop, notebook or office computer) to access the music available back home.

Download the Simplify Media client now from Here’s the video demonstration of how Simplify Media at work.