zonbu.jpgThe computer world is always flushed with new ideas and things. The California-based company, Zonbu, is now offering subscription-based-personal computers for users. Of course, subscription-based personal computers are not a new idea, but what Zonbu is offering is an environmental friendly package.

Zonbu offers via internet its Zonbu computer, a simplified Linux-based PC, at $99 and a $12.95 monthly subscription charge. This Zonbu PC has received the highest certification possible from the Green Electronics Council, a nonprofit group that has created a product classification standard known as Epeat (for Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool). Zonbu computer consumes 15-watt, very much lower compared to standard 200-watt PC. It translates into approximately $10 savings in terms of electricity consumption.

The Zonbu PC is about the size of a cigar box. It features a-four gigabyte flash memory instead of the conventional disk drive. It uses a low-power Intel Compatible microprocessor from VIA Technologies of Taiwan. By using flash memory and low-power microprocessor, the energy consumption has reduced significantly.

Users can enjoy over $2,000 worth of pre-installed applications such as Gentoo version of the Linue OS, Mozilla Firefox browser, Skype VOIP, games, etc from Zonbu PC. Zonbu PC also offers additional 25 gigabytes of free online storage. Users can access their online database anywhere they like. They can subscribe to Zonbu service and gain access to a private web space that stores all their files even with other workstations.

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