You may wonder what is so special about this table. It looks like ordinary dining or working table with exception that the dark surface is made of Solar arrays that help to convert solar energy to electricity that power up your home appliances. Surprisingly, it is able to supply enough energy to your laptop for three hours continously under the full sunlight.

Just imagine, now you can power up your laptop or even TV set by sitting them on top of the table. Only one condition that you have to meet – put it under the sun or else you may have to use it like ordinary table if under the roof. Good thing is, it also equipped with normal 120VAC adapter for in door use by connecting it to power socket just in case the weather condition doesn’t allow. The basic concept is the solar panel will able to charge up NiMH rechargeable battery which in turn powering up your gadgets for few hours, depending on the current specification. The rechargeable battery rating is 13 amp hour and can easily supply the normal laptop for three hours without failure. To make it more user friendly, there is a LED display that indicates current battery capacity level so that you can estimate how much time you can use before switching to AC adapter.
The Sun table is not cheap as it involves the huge piece of multicrystalline panel for electricity generation. Some precautions: Do not use it under wet conditions and do not overload it with electrical devices that exceeding 150 Watt.