The traditional way to kill hung process is to go to Task Manager, by pressing Crlt+Alt+Delete, look for that process, then selects it and click End Process button. Alternatively, you can press Alt+F4 to terminate it directly. However, sometimes it may end up the process refuses to quit, this is because this method typically asks the program to quit (it behave the same way as when you click X button at the upper right of the window) and let it to decide by itself on what to do for the next. That’s why you may fail to terminate processes sometimes by using this method. Now with SuperF4, it can force processes to terminate instantly without letting it any chance to decide what to do later.

SuperF4 is a free utility that reside on system tray silently. To kill any processes, you can press Ctrl+Alt+F4 hotkey, then the process will be terminated instantly. Besides using hotkey, it has provided you another method to kill processes by using mouse. To enable the mouse mode, press Win+F4 and you will notice that the cursor changes to skull and crossbones icon, then click on the window to terminate it. To disable the mouse mode, just press Esc key and the cursor will changes to normal look.

SuperF4 consumes only 0.08 MB of your hard disk space and is able to kill all kinds of processes, regardless of hung or active processes. You may need to take note that it doesn’t prompt you to save your work before it is terminated, so please make sure that you have saved all works before using it to kill especially for active processes. SuperF4 definitely will come handy as you don’t need to reboot your computer anymore whenever the hung process fails to be terminated.