A rather unusual name for a surveillance camera, Y-Cam perhaps intends to send out the message that its new device is powerful, fast and accurate. Y-Cam Bullet is a high performance, 24-hour wireless network webcam that can be used for large-scale industries or home offices and residences. It provides round-the-clock surveillance and enables users to access the audio-visual footage via telecommunication devices such as the computer or mobile phone in real time. Users not only can view and hear what is happening remotely, they can also commnicate to parties on the camera’s site via the built-in two-way audio feature. A microSd card stores all footages which can also be viewed remotely by the user.

Y-Cam Bullet is equipped with infra-red night vision for superior quality pictures even at night. Its IP66 casing is weatherproof, thus making it suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. A trademark of Y-Cam products, Y-Cam Bullet features email alerts, motion detection, etc. Y-cam Bullet is compatible with PC and Apple Mac computers across multiple web browsers. A free NVR Software for PC, MultiLive, is offered by Y-Cam and provides viewing of up to 36 cameras. MultiLive is also offered as a free app to run on iPhone and Adroid for users who wish to access the surveillance footage via these devices.