How you normally track your to-do lists? There are multiple methods but if you prefer to track it paperless in Windows System, this simple tool could be handy with simple track lists view and basic functionality that allows you to bring it up via hotkeys combination whenever there is a need. Named as Swift To-Do List Lite, it allows users to do simple tasks tracking with reminders under proper grouping for more effective work in daily life.


Once install and launch the utility, you will be brought to a simple GUI. With self explanatory buttons displayed in the menu, users can quickly setup any pending tasks with priority, type, due date and even with reminders so that these opened tasks can be tracked and closed in more effective ways. To make it more useful, users can categorize all the tasks accordingly if it is related to work, personal or general To-Do lists that need to be separated without confusion. Good thing is, the whole lists can be exported or printed in case there is a need to have a hardcopy while on the move. Some additional functions include the coloring the task based on priority, expired date or display unfinished task at the top level for proper tracking and many more. Normally the utility will stay in system tray but can be brought up easily with simple hotkeys combination or double clicking on the icon directly.

Hopefully with this simple utility, users can track the tasks on hand more thoroughly so that none of them can slip through your hand and eventually able to close them within the predefined time frame. If you think this is helpful, just get a free download here for immediate use on Windows PC.