Symantec has rolled out a beta for a new service called Symantec GoEverywhere lately. Conceptually a bit similar to Microsoft Live Workspace or Huddle Online Workspace, the new Symantec GoEverywhere is a secure online workspace or storage hub which allows users to access and use web applications regardless of where users are or which computer they are using. Users can access web applications to do word processing, carry out spreadsheet work, prepare presentation slides, read Gmail, etc. All the web applications will be aggregated into a single palette, known as webtop screen by Symantec. A single sign-on access will allow users to securely access this webtop screen and users can access all the web applications available without shuttling from one application to another. After processing, users can also save their work in the Go data center, a safe and secure storage center offered by Symantec.

GoEverywhere is mainly designed to target small businesses and individuals who prefer a low-cost and hassle-free computing environment to help them in their daily work. Since it is a web-based application, users who are attached to this service can save substantial costs on hardware, software, storage and even IT management. Users do not need to spend extra to get certain applications if they are operating under a restricted budget. Moreover, users do not need to worry on back up and security issues that will probably cost another substantial sum.

Online workspaces have been introduced for quite some time. However, this service has yet to get good response basically due to security matters. Users, especially commercial users, are still very worried about confidential data being leaked out or exposed. However, in this economic downturn where cost is a grave concern, who knows, it might gain popularity.

Symantec GoEverywhere beta is free at this point of time. However, Symantec has also revealed a monthly subscription package which will likely be imposed with incremental charges based on data usage.

A summary of Symantec GoEverywhere’s benefits is as follows:
Personal Online Workspace
Advanced workspace navigation
GoEverywhere’s advanced workspace and Tag based navigation technology provides a familiar, simple and responsive workspace for your online computing needs.

Online Application Collections
Easy access to free software titles & rich media content
Choose from a plethora of titles that can be used on demand and without installation. Get notice of new online services as they arrive on the web.

Zero Management
No need to backup,install,update or reboot
Your workspace and its data are protected and managed by the professionals at GoEverywhere

Single Secure Password
One password for all your online applications & storage
Log-in to the workspace with a single password and subsequently access all your secure applications and storage while collaborating with anyone on the web