Your secretary has probably recorded all your appointments and activities in your Google Calendar account and you need to download and synchronize them with your MS Outlook in your laptop for easy reference and management. If that is the case, try this free Google Calendar – MS Outlook sync utility, KiGoo, a smart product by Kayxo, a reputable OBA (Office Business Applications) solution provider.

KiGoo is a useful sync tool which allows users to manage and synchronize their Google Calendar and contacts with their Microsoft Outlook information manager. This application is free, easy to operate and runs in real time. It is compatible with and supports MS Outlook 2007 and MS Outlook 2003. Using this synchronizing tool, KiGoo users are able to create, read, modify, update and even delete their appointments/activities in their web-based Google Calendar account directly from MS Outlook in real time. Users can also use the same synchronization process to synchronize their contact lists between outlook and Gmail account.

Users can view the video clip below on how the synchronization process takes place:

KiGoo has made the synchronization easier and faster. You can register your events from other PCs via the web-based Google Calendar if you happen to be elsewhere without your laptop, and transfer these events to your laptop when you are back. Get the free application from

Update: KiGoo appears to be no longer available. For people who wants to sync between Outlook and Google Gmail Contacts, try GO Contact Sync Mod.