EverNote is one of the note-taking applications that allow users to easily capture and organize information of various types such as text notes, whiteboards, printed and handwritten text within images or even from blurry cell phone snapshot. With EverNote, the user can assign multiple categories to note by automatically or manually. They can drag and drop or stamp the categories on note for easy organization and retrieval. Beside that, the user can easily assign over 50 identifiable icons to individual categories like Ink Notes, Web Clips, Business, Personal and etc.


EverNote also features with powerful SmartSearch that offers multiple methods for finding notes such as visually, by times, categories, automatically labeling and keywords, complete with matching note count. All found keywords are highlighted in yellow.

It also features with intuitive user interface which allow all note places on an endless that look like virtual roll of paper. So that, the user can quickly scans through their notes similar as they scan through handwritten notes in a notebook. EverNote supports multiple platform such as Windows, Mac OS X Leopard, iPhone, iPod touch, Windows Mobile, Web Clippers and Scandisk U3, and can be download here.