To enable the visually impaired group to read texts on their handset, Nuance Communications has launched its TALKS&ZOOMS 4.0 assistive software which can convert displayed text shown on a handset into intelligible speech. The latest version TALKS&ZOOMS 4.0 mobile text-to-speech software supports series 60 third edition smartphones. With this application, the low vision, blind and visually handicapped community will be able to enjoy their latest smartphone like others. They can search for contacts, read notes, browse the web, check calendar appointments, read emails or messages, manage calls, etc without letting their disability get in the way.

According to Nuance, this new intelligence application TALKS&ZOOMS can be licensed to a GSM SIM card. In other words, users are free to use it on as many mobile devices as they like as long as the SIM card in use is the same. Alternatively, TALKS&ZOOMS can be licensed to a handset, used with an unlimited amount of SIM cards.

TALKS&ZOOMS 4.0 supports over 20 languages. Users can download the application from Nuance for a free trial and view handset models that support this application with the pricing.