When opening or running Task Manager, the Task Manager top-level menu bar and tabs may be missing and disappeared from its window. Typically, Task Manager has the menu bar which has File, Options, View and Help pull-down options, and various tabs to display and show details on Applications, Processes, Services, Performance, Networking and Users. The problem is now all these menus and tabs are gone missing.

Actually, the clean Task Manager with ‘missing tabs and menus’ user interface is not an error nor a bug. In fact, it’s a feature of Windows Task Manager to run in tiny foot-print compact mode. In compact mode, not only the menu bar and tabs are hidden, the top and bottom window border frames which contains Minimize, Maximize and Quit/Exit buttons and status bar also go into hidden and not visible.

In fact, anybody can cause Task Manager to go into small footprint mode by simply double clicking on the empty space around the border and empty space in the border around the tabs of Task Manager. The area to double click to switch to tiny footprint mode is illustrated in the figure below in red color.

Full Mode Task Manager

To revert and restore Task Manager to default full mode and get the menu options, tabs, status bar and other buttons back, just double click on the empty area around the border of Task Manager window again. See illustration below with area in blue for the location to double click.re the red-mark is present).

Small Footprint Task Manager

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  • Arxsyn

    Tips: I found that in both windowed and small footprint mode, you can cycle through the tabbed menus with Ctrl+Tab.

    Unfortunately, the good ‘ol Alt+(Down arrow key) to bring down a drop down menu trick doesn’t work in the small footprint mode. So when Task Manager mysteriously lost it’s title men bar, I got a bit frustrated… You can’t even operate the most basic shortcut command “open file”, Ctrl+O in that mode!!! Microsoft needs to fix this.

    Anywho thanks for this life saver of a tech post.

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    Thank you very much, that was and still is very helpful article.
    I had to deal with mini-taskman for the whole … month. -_-

    • Cade

      Better than me, I dealt with it for a year before looking at this .-.

    • moonshifter

      actually that feature can do that to some other windows too. It’s like the first time someone tries the window min max size feature and they are lost. Once you learn what the double click can do in some windows, it all fits together…

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    Why would anyone want the bars that control the task bar to not be present each time..
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    Only Microsoft would do something this stupid and think it was a feature.

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  • I seriously dnt understand what is the need for the option, anyhow thanks so much i was feeling like breaking my head as i was unable to understand why only my Task manager does not give all the Me nuoption LOLZ…

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    Only Microsoft would do something this stupid and think it was a feature.

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