Telstra, an Australian based mobile broadband network service provider has just announced its next generation 3G network available for mobile consumers. With its impressive high peak rate of 21Mbps, it has been recognized and declared as the world fastest mobile broadband network by the Guinness World Records recently.


In conjunction with the announcement, Telstra CEO, Sol Trujillo has also unveiled a new Turbo 21 modem that can be used to access the ultra high bandwidth available from the broadband services with seamless network connectivity on the move. According to the source, users will be able to experience real time net surfing with download speed ranging from 550kbps to 8Mbps, which is four times faster as compared other Australian telecommunication service providers at this moment.

Telstra further disclosed that they are consistently upgrading the infrastructure and consumers can expect a two fold improvement of 42Mbps Telstra Next G network with HSPA+ technology by end of this year.