If you are you dealing a lot with copy and paste function, you may find that the Windows copy and paste feature is not really powerful as it only allows you to copy one object at one time with text format being carried along. If you would like to copy text from different places, then you need to switch between two different windows each and every time to just copy and paste the text which is very inconvenient and time consuming. Now there is a powerful utility, named as TenClips that is able to let you copy up to 10 different copied objects at one time and paste all of them according to the format as you prefer.


TenClips is a freeware that is able to copy up to 10 different copies objects at one time and let you paste each of them easily by switching between clipboards. To copy text from webpage or document, just use normal Ctrl + C and the copied text will be kept under clipboard 1. If you would like to copy some other text while maintaining the text you have copied previously in clipboard 1, just press Ctrl + 2 to switch to clipboard 2, then Ctrl + C to copy the text and it will be saved under clipboard 2. You can continue to switch to the next clipboard and copy text until up to 10 copies. You can know the clipboard number you are in right now by looking at the number shown in the tray icon. To paste text, it does offer few options to either paste formatted text, purified tex2 (without formatting), paste purified lowercase or paste purified uppercase text. Just switch to the desire clipboard, then paste the text according to the format as you prefer by using the assigned hotkey. By default, to paste formatted text is Ctrl + V and the default hotkey to paste purified text is Win + V, Win + / (as located at numeric keypad) is to paste purified lowercase text and Win + * (as located at numeric keypad) is to paste purified uppercase text. All default hotkeys can be changed to suit to your personal preference. Just right click on TenClips tray icon and choose Settings, you can delete the default hotkey by using backspace and then assign the new hotkey as you like.

Consumes around 0.13MB of your hard disk space. TenClips ver 1.1 is absolutely free to download and is compatible to run on Windows 7/Vista/XP. This version has been enhanced to show beginning of text content as tooltip when mouse over the tray icon. Previously we have mentioned CopyPasteTool that is also able to copy multiple text at one time, but the difference here is it doesn’t offer you the ability to paste copied text into different formats.