Sending codes like javascript, java, sql, xml, html, vb through email or instant messaging is very convenient, but it may cause the tabbed and color-coded format changed that may end up recipients need to spend longer time to digest and understand it. Furthermore, you can’t even send longer text messages through instant messaging due to character limitation. Now there is a free web service, named as Text Snip that can generate a unique URL for your text and codes and let you share to your recipient with proper tabbed and color-coded format.

Text Snip provides capability that enables you to view text in different code views such as xml, html, sql, css, python, csharp, java, php, plain text and etc. It is very user-friendly to be used. Just paste the text in the text box and it will generate a unique URL which you can send to your recipient to view. Once recipient views the text via the URL, he or she can choose the code view format which is relevant to the text. For instance, if you send sql code, the recipient should choose code view format as sql, then the text will be displayed in a nice view format with all keyword like “select”, “from”, “join” are highlighted in different color.

With this free web service, Text Snip will definitely help the viewer to read the codes with more efficiency; especially for those viewers that don’t has the code editor installed in their PC. Text Snip also allows you to create an account at no charge. The benefit of having an account is you can save the generated URL for future reference. If you like this service and would like to start using it, click here to go to Text Snip website.