Videogame realism and fun are taken to the next level with the introduction of this latest videogame accessory – the Third Space Gaming Vest. This is no ordinary vest. While it may look bulky like a state-of-the-art bullet-proof army vest which is not very attractive, it is set to change the videogame scene of the future. It is not enough to have real guns and glasses for that real 3-D feeling, a punch or a kick to the stomach must be felt. The vest has eight pneumatic pockets which expand or contract accordingly when the sensors detect that you’ve been hit in a game. The vest was originally invented for medical purposes for doctors to prod patients from a remote distance. The vest works with TNGames’ Incursion and Activision’s Call of Duty II.
While the punches may not hurt or feel real, the vest has opened up the possibilities for improving the realism of videogame through skin contact and others senses. There is still a whole new world of possibility out there to excite the olfactory sense, for instance. Exciting as it is, the 3rd Space Gaming Vest may immunise people against reality. As fantasy and reality become more indiscernible, people may find it easier to commit crime and hurt others.