The Complete Idiot's Guide to WineWine is probably one of the most sophisticated and most confusing product in the world. There are different grape varieties of wine, yet there is still different classifications of wine. As if so many standards for wine is not enough, there is also vintage wine, different style of wine tasting or appreciation, different way of wine making or wine growing, weather effect (after all grape is still a fruit plant) and etc.

For consumers who want to not only know more, but understand wine, a guidebook that explains all aspect of wine thoroughly is indeed a must. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Wine is one such example. Now at second edition, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Wine is written by Philip Seldon, the founder of Vintage Wine Magazine, the book consists of indispensable resource for choosing and enjoying wines of all kinds. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Wine provides the reader with solid information about the most important types of wines, tips, definitions, provides friendly advice in an easy-to-understand format and warnings to help you along the way, in order to make reader confident about buying, trying and talking about wine.

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