wdfmybook_world_2n.jpgThe MyBook world Edition II was introduced by Western Digital a few months ago. This remote access external hard drives is something which you should look at if you are searching for some powerful and fully-featured external drives. This new hard drives allow users to securely access their digital content and share the info from anywhere via its remote access program that comes together with the hard drives.

The My Book World Edition II models come equipped with two 500GB RAID-configured hard disks that can be easily removed and replaced should one fail. Users can choose to reserve half of the hard drive’s capacity to mirror their data in real time using RAID 1. The hard drives use Western Digital’s WD Anywhere Access application that simplifies access to digital content even when the local computer is turned off. The storage appliance of this hard drives comes with EMC Retrospect backup software, an Ethernet port and USB 2.0 port. Another feature that makes My Book World Edition active in Windows Explorer and allows users to actively save and open their files while connected to the internet is “Data OnHand”.

The My Book World Edition II comes in 1TB (Terabyte) and 1.5TB capacities and it is priced at US$580 – US$714. You can read more from Western Digital.