If you are dealing a lot with Microsoft Word in daily work, the tips mentioned here could be very useful for you. For a document writer or editor, moving a paragraph or any piece of information around the articles could be a tedious job. However, with these easy shortcut key solutions, you can save a lot of effort to be spent on more value added tasks.


There are two simple keyboard shortcut key solutions to be discussed here. First is the way to move a whole paragraph up or down in the articles in simple steps. To accomplish this, just put your cursor anywhere in the paragraph (not even need to highlight the whole paragraph) that you intend to move, just press and hold down the Shift+Alt+Up/Down key to move it to the desired location freely without hassle. Other than paragraph, the same method can be applied to move the table’s row up or down as you wish to.

Secondly, you may occasionally need to copy text from other source to be part of your new article’s contents. Most of the time, it doesn’t really fits well and some editing such as removing all the special character at the beginning of each lines are required. Again this simple shortcut key will be beneficial when dealing with partial text selection vertically. Just press and hold the Alt key will allow you to select those specific text vertically to be copied, cut or even deleted. There are more shortcut keys to be explored and I am sure this will make the document editing an enjoyable experience for all.