When you log on to Microsoft Windows, the folder C:\windows\system32 is opened automatically in a Windows Explorer window every time. This is quite a common problem encountered by computer users. Technically, when this System32 folder window opens by itself each time the computer starts up, it is due to the a leftover piece of an uninstalled program which causes problems in the Windows Registry or in the computer’s startup process, or any a null, incomplete, or damaged entry exists in the registry.

To do away with this irritating message box, there are a few measures that can be taken: –

Edit the Registry File

Users can edit the computer’s Registry file and delete the incomplete entries, for their own risk. If you opt to do it yourself, use Registry Editor to view the following two Windows registry keys:



Verify that all the values in these keys do not contain any incorrect, incomplete, or null entries (such as “”) instead of file path information in the Data column of the Registry Editor Window. Having said that, editing registry improperly can result in system malfunctioning. You need to be very careful and back up your Registry file before editing. More information can be found here.

Free Script from Kelly Korner

You can get a free script from Kellys-Korner if you feel nervous about editing the Window Registry by yourself. Kellys-Korner provides some Windows XP solutions and might fix the problem for you. Look for the link called “System32 Folder Opens Upon Boot” at Kellys-Korner, then download and run the script file by double-clicking it. Download script here.

Registry-cleaning Utility

You can also try registry cleaning utilities such as Registry Mechanic if the above methods can’t fix your problem.

After checking your Registry for damaged entries and discovering that your System32 folder is still open, this means a program fragment may be interfering with your PC’s start-up process. Try to use the System Configuration Utility to see what programs are starting up with Windows and what might be affecting the System32 folder. Turn off those unwanted processes. Windows can be alerted about the configuration changes if you use the System Configuration utility. You can read more from Microsoft on “How to troubleshoot by using the System Configuration utility in Windows XP