car-to.jpgSomeone has got to invent it sooner or later. With the massive traffic snarls that build up in cities, what do you do when you desperately need to go? You squirm and wriggle and turn blue but to no avail. Other than wearing incontinence diapers, another solution is the car toilet.

The invention is incredibly simple. It is a portable device that is small enough to fit inside a suitcase. Made of cardboard, it can be quickly assembled and fitted with a water absorbent sheet. A draw-around curtain conceals the user totally from public view. There is also a plastic bag to collect the waste.

The portable automobile toilet is called “Kurumarukun” and is produced by Kaneko Sangyo Co. The device is especially useful when nature calls at inappropriate times or when there are young children in the car. The car loo will make a thoughtful and special Christmas gift for the expectant mum as well.