The world’s leading provider of automotive navigation systems, TomTom has announced a beta test program of its new online Route Planner, the free web-based service that allows users to pre-plan a route based on facts, rather than estimates, and obtain precise travel and arrival times easily before start their journey, aiming to provide users the best way to plan their trip online.

According to the company, “The TomTom online Route Planner gives users door-to-door route planning options to any address, taking into account real-time and historic information on traffic flows throughout the day. Uniquely, it incorporates dynamic traffic information (through HD Traffic) as well as 500 billion historic speed measurements of roads across the world (through IQ Routes).”

“The introduction of the online Route Planner marks an important step in our strategy to make our award-winning navigation available for all users, regardless of the platform that is used,” said Harold Goddijn, TomTom’s chief executive officer. “Users who do not have a navigation device can now also benefit from our high-quality routing before starting their journey, giving them a chance to plan their day more efficiently than ever before.”

The new TomTom Online Route Planner is currently available in 6 languages, including English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish, and will be available to users worldwide depending on success and feedback from the beta test program.