Planning to upgrade your GPS (Global Positioning Device) device soon? If you are already owning certain kind of GPS device and intend to trade it off to get a brand new and advanced TomTom GPS, now here is a good chance for you to do so by participating in the GPS Trade-in program initiated by TomTom collaborated with Dealtree Service.


There is no hassle and is completely effortless without you to worry on how to settle the old GPS unit, just visit the website and follow four simple steps and you are ready to own a new TomTom unit at more affordable trade-in price. First, just purchase any new TomTom GPS from its official website. Then, users can estimate the trade-in value of your used GPS by keying into the estimator. The estimator can estimate all the second hand trade in values even for any manufacturer brands or models available in current market. Once completed, just login and print a prepaid shipping label and at the same time send in your used GPS to Dealtree Service. Do take note you are responsible for the condition of the used GPS inclusive of shipping and handling and at any situation DealTree has no liability if the valuation is lower than the initial estimation provided by its users.

This is definitely one of the good options especially when you have no way to sell off the old unit and just go to visit the official website to enjoy the Trade-in program.