iOS devices has been lacking an important feature that allows users to customize its ringing tones easily like other competitors’ products. Good news now, there is actually tweaks which is pre-designed with simple UI to bridge the gap. And one of the most powerful one is the ToneFXs 2.0 that is worth to try.

With ToneFXs 2.0, users can customize almost every audio settings of their iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. As usual, just head over to Cydia and key in ToneFXs under ‘Search’, it will list down respective apps available for download. Just install and follow by a Springboard restart will make it effective. By now, you should notice a new icon named as ToneFXs on your iOS devices’ Springboard. Tapping on it will launch a simple UI that allows users to configure the audio or ringing tones for all the Application and System, ranging from Text message, Voicemail, Mail, Calendar Alerts, Keyboard Click, Photo Shutter, Lock/Unlock and even Charging sounds. And each of them can be individually assigned with your preferred ringing tones for great personalization from other iOS devices.

ToneFXs 2.0 is currently available for free trial (5-days) in Cydia Store under BigBoss repo. And if you think this is useful, users can choose to purchase it at $4.99. Meanwhile, for existing users of ToneFXs 1.0 (Lite), they can upgrade to full version 2.0 at $1.99 only.