Many users like to customize their own Firefox browser with some additional toolbar buttons in the Firefox interface in order to make it more user-friendly and to accomplish frequently carried out tasks. By default, the choice availability of these additional toolbar buttons in Firefox browser is quite limited. Some users, for instance, cannot find some toolbar buttons that can allow them to quickly access certain special browser features. Toolbar Buttons, a useful add-on to Firefox browsers, is perhaps a good solution for users who want to have more choices of toolbar buttons.

A free Firefox browser add-on, Toolbar Buttons, offers users a wide range of functional buttons that can be easily added to their toolbar to quick access particular functions and expedite their work. With this add-on in the browser, users just need to move their mouse to the toolbar, right click the mouse and select “Customize” from the pop-up menu. Alternately, they can go to View -> Toolbars -> Customize to open the Customize Toolbar Windows. Users will find more than 100 buttons which they can just drag and drop to their toolbar for use.

The full list of buttons that can be used includes:

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