Writing a diary to record what has happened over the course of a day for future reference, or expression of feeling is a wonderful but time-consuming habit. If you intend to keep a record of some important events, significant activities, thoughts of the day, etc but prefer to do it in a simpler and faster way, try out the web application Memiary. Memiary is a pretty simple way for you to record and recall five important happenings from your day in a fusion of Twitter-style brevity and journalism. It functions like a pocket diary. You can record a maximum of up to five items in a day and recall them as and when you want. There is total freedom of expression and no restriction in terms of content. Just write whatever you want to record for posterity.

To start this web based pocket diary, of course users need to go to Memiary and sign up as a user. The signup process is pretty fast. Once it is done, you can start writing your five daily entries. The program allows you to search and trace back what you have written. You can do specific search based on day or request the program to display your entries for a set week, month or year.

Screen shot for Memiary