The demand of high capacity memory card continues to increase and Toshiba, one of the major memory card manufacturer has just unveiled a new plan to add 16GB high performance Micro SDHC card to its product lines, making it the current largest capacity Micro SDHC memory card in the world.

SDHC is a revised standard that is capable of supporting at least 2GB as compared to ordinary SD format. The new series of SDHC card is claimed to be compliant with SD version 2.00 standard and what makes it more prevailing is it will be adhered to class 6 which has superfast read/write speed, with up to 20MBps write speed for shorter files transfer time. Besides the 16GB micro SDHC, the Japanese company also offers 8GB micro SDHC cards for those that don’t really need such a high capacity for normal usage. These series of new memory cards will definitely bring benefits for any digital products including mobile phones, digital camera and any portable devices that require large external memory storage with low latency.

The micro SDHC will be mass produced by end of this year with the first shipment expected in January 2009. No pricing has been announced yet but don’t expect it to be cheap since they are targeted for high end users that focus on performance.