Toshiba has just unveiled a 32GB ultra high capacity NAND flash memory device targeted for various market segments in consumer markets. The new embedded memory device is claimed to be fully compliance with both JEDEC/MMCA v.4.3 and SDA V2.0 memory standard. Fabricated using 43-nm process technology, it is able to pack more memory cells into an ultra small form factor as compared to previous technology.

The FBGA package size is measured only around 18mm X 14mm X 1.4mm with an SDA-compatible controller that makes it most suitably to be used in any consumer electronics products such as mobile phones, HDTV (High Definition TV), PND (Personal Navigation Device) and etc. If you recall, the recently launched Apple’s 3G iPhone is also featured with 16GB internal memory and we are seeing more manufacturers tend to implement huge internal memory storage due to more robust design with cost reduction besides supporting optional external memory expansion slots. That is not all, it also meets the requirements of embedded applications like POS (Point of Sale) terminals, set-top boxes and etc that needs huge memory space for data and program storage.

The development effort initiated by this giant Japanese company is expected to be able to shorten board vendors development cycle and TTM (Time to market). No pricing is available yet. But initial samples will be available in next month with the mass production planned by end of this year.