Tired and lazy to wait in a line to get your favourite burger? The South Korean McDonald’s has teamed up with SK Telecom to offer an innovative service that allows customers to place their order directly from their tables, dubbed as “Touch Order”. It’s the first self-ordering system in the world to use RFID, according to the telecommunication company.


For sure, you have to first download a specific interfacing program into your handset and plug in a RFID (radio frequency identification) reader that already installed on the table, in order to use the “Touch Order” service. With this amazing service, the customers will notify with an SMS message when their order is ready so they can pick up the ready tray at a designated counter and the cost of the meal is charged to their phone bill. It’s so convenient to have your lunch and dinner in McDonald’s.

“It is a convergence service that utilizes SK Telecom’s RFID technology in the restaurant industry,” said Lee Joo-sik, senior vice president of business development of the mobile service company. “We hope this partnership with McDonald’s, the world’s largest restaurant chain, will lay the groundwork for our RFID business on foreign markets.” Hopefully, this innovative and cool service will available around the world as soon as possible.