If you are looking for a way to create personalized icon but doesn’t want to go through hassle of doing it, here is a good tiny utility that allows you to do it without any complicated process. Named as ToYcon, it allows users to create any icons by just dragging and dropping the images into the unique designed magic box interface that sits on your Windows desktop system.

Once download the utility, without the need to install it, just launch the program directly and you will notice a small box appear on your desktop. Without any setup required, just drag and drop any image files, could be png, jpg, tga, gif and bmp and it will do the creation for you automatically. Users can even define the size to be either small (64×64), medium (128×128) or big (256×256) based on own preference. Once completed, you will notice a new icon image appear in the same folder as the source image file. For the rest of steps, just follow the normal way on how to link the icons to the specific programs. Right clicking on the newly created icon, go to ‘Properties’, under ‘General’ tab, click on ‘Change’ button and browse to the respective program so that whenever you click on the icon, it will launch the program accordingly.

Hopefully with this tiny program, you will able to enjoy the icon creation with your own creativity without any restriction. If you think this is useful, just download the free utility here for immediate use.