As part of the efforts to ensure safety driving on the road, Toyota Motor Corporation has just announced the new auto braking system which involves advanced GPS (Global Positioning System) technology for accurate position monitoring for vehicle braking system to work automatically. It will recognize the stop signs at the intersection and then alert users with both audible and visual warning and eventually apply sufficient brake power to avoid any vehicles collision on the road. This is slightly different concept as compared to Pre-crash safety system developed by this giant automobile maker before but with same purpose.


The mechanism behind is an intelligent and accurate coordinate sensing using GPS system with the assistance of rear-mounted camera module. When the vehicle is at a distance of 100 meter away from the stop sign, the rear-mounted camera will start detecting the initial stop sign marking on the road and then alert the driver through soft audible alarm. While the vehicle is approaching, approximately four seconds before the stop sign, the automatic brake system will be activated to continue monitoring if the driver has intention to stop the vehicle and if not, additional force will be applied to further slow down the vehicle automatically. The braking system is linked back to GPS for accurate location calibration with real time monitoring.

Currently the system is only limited to stop signs at certain highways in Tokyo, Nagoya, Yokohama and Osaka during the first phase. It is expected to be rolled out to other areas in near future.