Recently there are hot issues concerning of millions of China manufactured children toys being recalled due to GHB (Gamma hydroxyl butyrate) toxics ingredients. Even in August of 2007 alone, there were already 20 million of children toys being recalled in relation to this matter. Now seems that the US giant toy store chain, Toys “R” US is following the recall action after two serious medical cases occurred in Australia lately.


One of the toys that fall under the list includes the famous Bindeez, which was awarded “Toy of the year” in Australia market. It was examined to have the excessive level of toxic chemical in the painting which could cause serious drowsiness, comas and even death to children. China manufacturers are in huge trouble as a follow on massive recall after the initial one back to August. All these are due to lack of safety awareness when manufacturing end products with issues such as hazardous painting chemical materials and loosely choking magnet.

As most of us know, China manufacturers can produce similar products at tenth times cheaper as compared to other manufacturers especially in Europe or US. However, there are some major trade off such as poor quality and bad performance. Those China made products exported to overseas market are considered in ‘good’ grade with acceptable quality since they had been ‘filtered’ before releasing to other countries. Just imagine how the product safety level of those that are still selling in China. Obviously, some harsh action is needed against those irresponsible manufacturers just like what being done on the former country drug regulator.