Even though the hard disc storage capacity nowadays is getting larger and larger, many users are still having storage insufficient problem. When storage does matter and you are running out of disk space, the best idea is do a thorough scanning to trace back the used space within the hard disc. With a proper analysis, users will have better idea which folders and files have eaten the most hard drive space. Disktective is a free standalone disk space analysis and reporting tool that can help users to trace used space within users’ hard disk and directories if users want to find out the real size of their directories and distribution of used space.

Users can download Disktective via the link here and run the disk reporting program to get a full report showing the real sizes of all directories and their containing subdirectories. For better illustration, Disktective will display the analysis report in pie chart format. Users can also print or export the result as Disktective, HTML or TreePad file.