There is a number of helpful services for helping users to locate their stolen handsets and laptops on the market. How about the stolen or lost digital camera? Here is an interesting Web service created by Matt Burns, dubbed as Stolen Camera Finder, which is designed to help trace your missing or stolen camera by seeking for photos captured by that camera.

How it works? Well, some digital cameras are able to save their own serial numbers (in addition to date, time, model name and etc) into a hidden EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) metadata that is attached to the photos capture by the camera. With the unique serial number, StolenCameraFinder web app will scan the Internet for uploaded photos that have the same and identical identification serial code. If a picture with same serial number is located, it allows the original owners to trace to the “new owner” of the camera.

To try the cool new online finder for lost camera, visit

Just drag and drop an existing photo captured by the missing camera in the provided space, or submit the unique serial number of your lost digital camera.

However, not all the cameras are compatible with the free Web service provided by Stolen Camera Finder, if you would like to check more details about the supported cameras list, visit