You probably are of the opinion that you spend a lot of time in front of your computer. However, much of this time is probably not on task as you have to deal with a lot of interruptions and disruptions. A free application from Windows, True Time Tracker, can monitor the amount of time you actually spend on task.

The app is extremely user-friendly. Once started, it will work silently in the background and display analysis of the time you spend on specific programs, the sites you visited, or the time you spend idle. You can also analyze the results by subject or project for an overall review.

True Time Tracker is useful for both personal and professional reasons. Realizing how much time you spend on Twitter or Facebook, for instance, might lead you to plan and manage your time better. You can set a password to block access by other users. Alternatively, the management can use True Time Tracker to monitor employees’ productivity or bill clients for time spent in completing a project. Download Track Time via the link here.