You might have purchased Window Vista and now scratching your head and wonder how to move all your bookmarks, music and other files from your old computer to a new PC with Windows Vista.

Technically, Windows Vista provides you a free tool called “Windows Easy Transfer”. This free tool is designed to move most of your personal stuff by means of a cable connection between old and new machine. It is something like the “Files and Settings Transfer Wizard” that came with Windows XP.

In accordance to Microsoft’s own description of Windows Easy Transfer, this tool can move your user accounts and settings, personal files and folders, email settings, messages and contacts, internet settings, bookmarks, your digital music, pictures, video files, etc to your new PC. It can be done via network or with recordable discs or other methods of transferring. Windows Easy Transfer tool can also move program settings and preferences if you have the same programs installed on the new computer.

Windows Easy Transfer makes things easier and faster. Even though it is useful, but there are a few weaknesses. This transfer tool is only designed to transfer files and settings from older machines running Windows 2000 or later. Users who are using Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows NT might need to find separate software or other solutions. If you are having this problem, it is no harm to try out “Laplink PCmover”. This software is designed to move your files and settings between machines and it works with older versions of Windows.