Subtitles always play an important role when you watch foreign movies. Without the textual dialog, you probably won’t enjoy the movie even if it nice. Most of the movies nowadays do come with subtitles for audience’s convenience. However, sometimes these subtitles might be in another language which you are not familiar with. In that case, you might need to spend a little and make use of some software applications to translate the subtitles into a familiar language. There are various subtitle translation applications which you can try if you want to do subtitle translation.

Subtitles Translation Wizard

Subtitles Translation Wizard is a user friendly subtitle translation tool which can perform srt translation, sub (MicroDVD format) translation, Sami (.smi) translation, SubViewer (.SUB) translation and SubViewer 2.0 translation. The translation can be easily done with only a few clicks. Besides translating the original subtitles to your preferred language, users can use the application to add and show the subtitles for some movies that have no subtitles. Subtitle Translation Wizard can also be used to edit the translated subtitles by showing the original. Users who want to learn a foreign language can add the original and translated subtitled sentence into a dictionary so that they can review and learn the sentence from time to time.

The latest Subtitles Translation Wizard 2.5 is free to try but costs about $29.99 if users want to have the complete works with full features. The application supports all Windows platforms. Users can download Subtitle Translation Wizard 2.5 via the link here. The summary of product features is as below:

  • Translate and edit subtitles, support SubRip(.srt), sub(MicroDVD), Sami(.smi) , SubViewer(.SUB) and SubViewer 2.0 formats.
  • Save translated subtitles or mix subtitles that include both original and translated.
  • Merge subtitles.
  • Extract and save subtitled text from original subtitles
  • Extract and save subtitled text from translated subtitles
  • Extract and save mix subtitled texts that include both original subtitled text and translated subtitled text.
  • Multi-Language is supported
  • Abundant subtitled files from internet can be used
  • Add sentence into dictionary any time
  • Mini study your dictionary any time
  • Code schema convert tool is provided
  • Play subtitles for movies that do not have any subtitles or the kind of subtitles you want; experience watermarked subtitles

Subtitle Translation Wizard

Open Subtitle Translator

Similar to Subtitle Translation Wizard, Open Subtitle Translator is another translator which can help to do the subtitles translation work. However, unlike Subtitle Translation Wizard, Open Subtitle Translator is a freeware. This translation program is developed in Java and supports multiple platforms. Open Subtitle Translator works by translating SRT subtitle files line by line; send the speaks to the Google language tools and fill with the new translated version.

Users who want to translate movie subtitles can download the free subtitles translator via the link here.

Open Subtitle Translator