You may have experienced some anonymous calls that disturb your daily life with blocked or unknown caller name and have you ever wonder how you can figure them out before answering the call. Now with the new app the named of TrapCall targeted for iPhone users, it allows users to unmask all the anonymous calls so that they are safe to be answered.

In actual fact, TrapCall is not new and was submitted since half year ago but wasn’t approved until recently. And now with its official availability in App Store, users will be able to enjoy such app on their iOS devices. If you wonder how it works, here is some brief explanation for it. Whenever users receive an anonymous call, just hit the power button twice and TrapCall will handle it by tracing the caller identity in background, then displaying it on iPhone screen in seconds.

Other than the main ability to unmask calls, TrapCall has the following features that worth to be highlighted:

  • Caller ID Details – Not only users will be able to view who is calling, but also their details with full name and address information when available.
  • Voicemail to Text Conversion – it will convert your voicemail to text message so that it can be read offline.
  • Call Blocking – With ability to unmask callers’ identity, there is also ways to block any unwanted call as desired.
  • Miss Call Alert – Not to worry about missing call due to battery low and TrapCall will be able to send an alert to users.

Currently TrapCall is available for free download at App Store but users may need to have minimum subscription to enjoy some of these mentioned features.