Have you ever imagine that you can view the Pay TV in hotel while you are away from home without paying a single cent for that? Here I will share the trick that I have been using while traveling in most of the countries. It works most of the time and I enjoyed watching some ‘special’ channels without paying extra.

Basically, the signals from Cable TV service provider will go through coaxial cable to the hotel room. These signals will actually pass through the decoder before being decoded and displayed on TV. In fact the Cable TV channels, which originally in VHF band will be encoded to a certain frequency in UHF band. And if you are the cable TV subscriber, your TV or VCR can tune to the specific frequency to watch the cable TV channels.

The trick here is if you can bypass the decoder, by any means of connecting the coaxial input from the wall directly to you TV, then you can use your TV remote control to scan through the VHF band and view most of the Cable TV channels without problem. These channels include adult channels and newly released movies that would cost you at least USD10 per view depending on the hotel location and rating. Cautious: Do remember to install back the cabling so that you can repeat this trick next and every time when you visit the hotel again.