truseraHaving to live with a health condition can be very frightening and frustrating for many people. A patient or caregiver may feel very helpless and dejected when there is no one to talk to for advice or comfort. Trusera is a social network which provides users with answers to questions on health. It also provides a platform for users to share their knowledge and experience on health with others.

Users can sign up to be a member of Trusera for free. Members can pose questions to the community and answers will be provided from individuals and medical professionals. This service, however, is limited to the sharing and accessibility to information or experience rather than the diagnosis or treatment of diseases.

Trusera resembles a social network with a purpose. The site’s interactive features allow users to invite friends, post stories for others to read, keep an online journal of their health-related experience, or comment on others’ postings. While the social and interactive nature of the site may rule out its role as an authoritative platform for medical consultation, the opportunity for users to commiserate and network with others to relieve their suffering is immense. The site has well-established communities on autism, cancer, and dying, amongst others.