If you love music or songs but always having difficulty to figure out who the singer is or what the song’s name is, you may appreciate with what can be offered by this web service and the freeware utility. Named as Tunatic, it is a freeware that helps to analyze songs feed through the system microphone and displays an accurate result of whom the artist is and the song’ title instantly.


For the start, users just need to download the freeware here and launch it in PC system. The web based service can analyze any songs (except classical) played on the PC by comparing them to the those that were indexed and stored in their up-to-date database source, courtesy of a huge community of Tunatic users. In order to get the best analysis result, users can choose to connect the audio source directly to the computer to prevent external interference that could affect the result accuracy. Alternatively, just play the songs on your PC in quiet environment, hopefully the built microphone is sensitive enough to detect the songs and matched them to database then return you the right artist and song’s name.

Tunatic works well in both Windows 2000/XP and Mac OS X PC and what the users need is just a microphone and broadband access. Just try it yourself if you are able to obtain an accurate result from the searching test conducted by the freeware.