Occasionally, you may experience the difficulty to remember and tend to forget to send text messaging which could be important and if you wonder how you can get around with this, here is a simple app which was released recently to serve as reminder. Named as Txtot, or Text on time, it allows users to schedule a reminder so that the SMS text messaging can be sent without miss at a predefined time.

Being designed with a simple interface, users will no longer need to set a separate reminder and within the text messaging interface itself, there is a new field that users can enter the date and time on when the message is intended to be sent. Once set, the timer will start counting and when it reaches the specific time, it will prompt up a reminder asking for users’ confirmation if they still want to send the text message. If the answer is yes, simply press on the button will bring up the pre-configured messages in native iphone message.app ready to be sent.

Txtot is free for download from App Store and the only pre-requisite is it needs iPhone 4.2 firmware update for the app to work correctly