Wonder how fast your computer takes to boot up? Typically for Windows based PC, it probably takes few minutes depending on system configuration. Just recently, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu has set an aggressive goal to have a boot up time of merely 10 seconds on their karmic+1, codename for version 10.04 by 2010.

This is quite a significant improvement as compared to version 9.04 released last month at boot time of 25 seconds. In order to achieve this, the development team set the target time for each state starting from kernel loading, drivers and filesystem mounting, X.org server launching with each of them taking approximate 2 seconds followed by 4 seconds to setup desktop environment and by the time it reaches 10 seconds, the netbook should be completely booted up and ready for use.

The Ubuntu team further emphasized that the 10 seconds fast boot is possible for full non-strip down Linux distribution and it is just a starting point which could potentially be fine tuned further especially hardware specific version of Ubuntu. For the testing purpose, the team uses a Dell Mini 9 netbook preinstalled with Ubuntu as a benchmarking platform that is quite suitable in view of current netbook, nettop or even Car infotainment system that require an “always on instant connected” mobile system while on the move.