Ubuntu is a free and flexible version of the Linux operating system which can work on many kinds of computers, including PCs and Macintosh machines with Intel processors. The word “Ubuntu” is a Zulu and Xhosa word imported from South Africa. It means “humanity to others”. Technically, Ubuntu is an excellent Linux-based operating system and it has become more and more popular nowadays. What makes Ubuntu special? Why do people choose Ubuntu as their favorite OS for work and play?

Cost factor of course is the main issue. Basically, Ubuntu Linux is free of charge. You can download the latest Ubuntu almost every six months. It includes the latest kernel, X, GNOME and other key applications, and is supported with security updates for 18 months. You can do all these without paying anything. Besides costs, of course it is fast and easy to install. The standard desktop version of Ubuntu Linux includes a point-and-click graphical interface and programs for word-processing, email, web browsing and other typical tasks. Furthermore, this operating-system requires less demanding hardware support than the latest versions of Windows or the Mac operating system. You can install this free software on an older computer and it will give you a few more years of usefulness. PC hardware with AMD processors and Macs with the older PowerPC chips can also run Ubuntu, as can some high-end workstations and servers used by computer professionals.

The latest Ubuntu version is 6.10. It can be downloaded from the download page. This is an enhanced version of Ubuntu 5.10. The system gave us all the applications we needed and they are quite useful. No harm to try it on some old PC. As mentioned earlier, it will give you a few more years of usefulness.

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