Total Uninstall 4.26 has been released. This software will assist you to keep track of any changes in your system while you are installing a new application or software and allow you to uninstall it completely if you decide to. Some people might use the supplied uninstalled program that comes with their operating system. However, the cleaning system from this uninstalled program cannot clean up all unwanted files completely and it may leave some files or changes behind.

The size of Total Uninstall 4.26 is about 2.2MB. It is free of charge for a trial period of 30 days. To run this application, you need to launch the installation program from the Total Uninstall interface and select the system areas that you want to monitor. This program will create a snapshot of your system before you want to install any new software. It will thence take another snapshot after installing the new software completely. By doing so, this software will display to you all changes made before and after installing the new software. You can then compare the changes from the graphical tree shown and save the changes. If you decide to uninstall the software, Total Uninstall will assist you to reverse all changes made to the previous state.

Summary of the Main Features:-
• Monitor installation changes of registry and file system
• Thoroughly uninstall monitored applications
• Perform search in detected changes
• Export registry changes to install or uninstall
• Show and apply pending file rename operations without reboot
• Statistics of detected changes
• User configurable views of the detected changes
• Agent for notification of running installation programs
• User configurable scanning profiles and uninstall profiles
• Shared .dll file handling
• Pint detected changes
• Full Unicode support

What is new in Version 4.26?
• Highlight new installed programs since last run (installed applications module)
• Improved Installation Analyzer (installed applications module)
• Italian language updated
• Retrieving the icon from a corrupted file could hang the program
• Minimizing and restoring to/from tray loose the maximized state
• Long delay on some systems while populating the applications lists

Download Total Uninstall 4.26 from here.